2-4 August 2017
Park Royal Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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When it comes to fraud, there are no winners. The battleground in the fraud arena is intense and your triumph depends on your willingness to fight back. The number of companies weighed down in APAC in terms of financial loss arising from fraud has increased drastically this year. A survey conducted by Ernst & Young this year stated that a whopping 80% of employees based in the APAC region claimed they would be unwilling to work for companies involved in bribery or corrupt practices. Auditors and risk leaders are finding it tough to unmask corporate fraud because it has become even more complex over the years. Countries are now enhancing their laws and regulations to stay up to date with the scarcity of the fraud scene. There is a lot of change, evolution and sophistication in white-collar crimes and organisations in APAC have to rise to the challenge! Join us in this 3-day ‘Fraud & Forensics: Auditing & Risk conference where we will provide you the platform to enhance the efficiency of fraud investigative work and the level of detection towards the fight against ever-increasing fraud in your organisation!   Our plenary sessions will diagnose the ‘Anatomy of Fraud’ and explore ‘Fraud and Forensics on the Scene’. This conference presents dedicated streams for risk leaders on ‘Fraud and Forensics on the Risk Radar ‘and auditors on ‘Audit in the Fraud and Forensics Battleground’. The APAC region is one of the main drivers of the world that leads to a significant increase in fraud.

We have a highly interactive Fraud Heads Up! panel discussion that will provide you the big picture of these emerging fraud trends and impacts within the region. Our event highlights will feature an Interactive Real-Time Analysis in the Mind of a Fraudster from both the Psychology and Criminology point of view. Many employees in organisations in APAC are being paid-off to turn the other way while a fraud is being committed. How can you ensure the level of integrity and trust in your organisation in reporting fraud proactively? Organisations must ensure integrity and good governance, as these are the special ingredients in ensuring long-term organisational excellence. We will provide you the platform to collaborative corporate governance via our Drill Down Discussions. We have also streamed two mini coaching sessions on Fraud Risk Framework Diagnosis and Forensic Investigation to challenge the effectiveness of your current risk framework and alleviating fraud in your organisation. Do not miss our Fraud Internal Control Clinic whereby you will get an exclusive look into ‘Building Effective Fraud Internal Control in Your Organisation’ as it is the first step towards cultivating a fraud controlled environment!  

This event is HRDF claimable. Find out more when you enquire with Maheswari at MaheswariG@marcusevanskl.com

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